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Pain Relief Treatments with Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment used to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and  accelerate healing.

The number of sessions required depends on the severity of the problem and how your body will respond to the treatment. To kick-start your healing journey, we provide a two- session treatment package, which is to be completed within a week,  followed by weekly sessions.

Laser therapy is beneficial for Muscle Pain, Arthritis Pain, Gout, Raynaud’s, Neuropathic Pain, Poor Circulation, Wounds and Ulcers, Pre and Postoperative Pain, and many other painful conditions.

Contraindications - not suitable for patients diagnosed with epilepsy or cancer. 

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elbow pain.jpg

Add short video of our laser in action

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neck pain, black and white pic with inflammation radiating.jpg

New Patients - 2x Sessions Package
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Returning Patients - Single Session 
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