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 We offer conservative and surgical treatments for ingrown toenails.

Conservative treatment is suitable for mildly ingrown and non-infected toenails and can be treated with or without local anaesthetic. 


 *Initial Consultation & Treatment £49

 *Local Anaesthetic injection (if required) additional £98
 *Nail Bracing, additional £11 per toe 


Surgical treatment is suitable for infected and, or recurrent ingrown toenails that will not resolve with conservative treatment. This procedure involves the use of local anaesthetic and requires post-operative care. Prior to the procedure, we will assess your general medical history to determine if the procedure is suitable and the most appropriate for you.


*Initial Consultation £39

*Surgical Procedure Package  1 toe £480, 2 toes £680

Surgical Package Includes  1.Local Anaesthetic injection

2.Surgical Procedure and post operative dressing

3.Follow-up assessment & re-dressings

4.Laser Therapy to assist healing

5.Self-care dressings pack & verbal advice


Additional dressing pack  £20

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