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Nail Bracing for Ingrown Toenails

  Nail bracing is a pain-free nail correction treatment used to improve the shape of curled and ingrown nails and reduce the discomfort caused by the excessive curvature of the nail. It can also help reduce the risk of future toe infections as well as the need for more invasive procedures.

Treatment recommendation - every 10-12 weeks until the desired nail shape is achieved.


*Initial Appointment £49 + Brace - additional £11 for 1 toe (£60), £16 for 2 toes (£65)

*Follow-up application £55 for 1 toe, £60 for 2 toes 



   Benefits of Onyfix

*Pain-free treatment *Rapid pain alleviation *Effective without exerting force on the nail *Particularly suitable for those with diabetes *No restrictions on activities (incl. swimming/sauna) *Cost effective in comparison to surgical procedures *Effectiveness confirmed by clinical study Wang, Hsiao-Han & Yang, Ting-Hua & Wei Che, Liu & Tsung-Yu, Tsai & Huang, Yu Chen. (2019). Efficacy of Nail Braces for Acute and Chronic Ingrown Toenails: A Prospective Study. Dermatologic Surgery. 46. 1. 10.1097/DSS.0000000000001905.

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